So the first three pictures are when he arrived. It was around 9:40am and the show starts at 10 so I’m guessing he was late. He seemed stressed he didn’t say anything and his manager told us he’ll sign things later.

The fourth shot is at 11:05 when he got out, you see him on the escalator. Clearly he’s smiling. When he came out about 20 people were there. Most of them were just autographers trying to get stuff signed to sell. There were 2 fangirls including me and a couple fan boys. I think he thought most of them are just paparazzis since he wasn’t talking much (he was still polite though) then someone mentioned loving him in ttss. He thanked them. I took that chance to say how much I loved ttss too and also Inseparable. He looked up(which then I immediately looked away because I seriously thought looking at him directly will kill me. My ovaries exploded but somehow I got pregnant from it.) And said “you watched it?” And I told him I also loved hawking and to the ends of the earth. He said “you watched it all!” And stopped signing some of the paparazzi/autographers and asked me for my name.(he didn’t ask for any names for others before. He probably knew those people are just selling them so they cant have names on it) I blanked out. Then I told him, then he wrote “thank you *my name*. Benedict cumberbatch” on my photo from TTSS.

Then I told him I loved his readings too and that he has a beautiful poetry reading voice. He said thank you. He was so polite. So nice. So considerate when he knew you were a fan. He was kind to everyone ofcourse, he IS benedict-politetilldeath-cumberbatch, but when he found out I was a fan, he was even nicer. The entire time the manager was saying “just two more” but Sir Cumberbatch kept signing until he was basically pushed to his car. The last photo is terribly covered but I couldn’t resist all the cumberchins. 

I still can’t get over what happened to me. I’m still freaking out.

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